Pin-State Indicator for Fire Suppression Actuators

November 30, 2020

TLX Technologies custom designs electromagnetic products for clients’ unique applications. Their cutting-edge designs include latching, on-off, high-speed, high-temperature, and proportional solenoids, as well as solenoid valves.

TLX has recently designed a new pin-state indicator to complement their electric actuators for the fire protection industry. This LED light indicator allows the installer to manually check pin position prior to installation (and reinstallation) to ensure the firing pin has been reset and mitigate the risk of accidental discharge. The LED light is powered by a battery and has no need for additional wiring. Although it is not retrofittable, this indicator can be ordered as an upgrade to all newly manufactured TLX fire protection electric actuators.

TLX Technologies’ patented electric actuators feature integrated supervision with a 6-wire standard, ultra-fast responses, and a full metal enclosure with factory installed wiring. They are also resettable for future use and present the strongest actuation force possible for their package size.

All of these actuators comply with UL standards and NFPA 2001: Sec. With their unique features, these components are optimized for high-pressure and high-speed environments, they safeguard against tampering, and they are customizable for system differences.

With the addition of the status indicator, these actuators are some of the safest and most customizable fire protection actuators on the market. Learn more about these products at

This article was originally published by Gulf Fire in October 2020