Pneumatic Actuators Provide Full System Actuation Solution

April 11, 2019

TLX Technologies has introduced several pneumatic actuators that are designed to mate with our current line of latching actuators, thus providing a full system actuation solution for fire suppression systems. The all-brass, UL & NFPA compliant actuator has been modified to work at variable system pressures and can be tailored to your system’s operating requirements. Latching and non-latching versions are available based on system needs.

The pneumatic actuator is also available with optional integrated installation supervision. This supervised version comes with a full metal enclosure and factory-installed wiring. An internal supervisory mechanism has been designed into the actuator to ensure that it is properly installed on the appropriate discharge valve of the extinguishing agent storage container. Integration of the supervision mechanism in our actuators eliminates the need for additional components, connections and wire paths; resulting in a streamlined, compliant solution that provides supervision of the releasing device’s proper placement. All releasing devices developed by TLX Technologies meet the required UL and NFPA wiring codes and standards to include NFPA 2001, UL 864, UL 2166, UL 2127 and FM 5600.

Pneumatic Actuators

TLX releasing devices are designed to allow for easy installation and rotation to the suitable front-facing position. Interfacing options including connection, thread and pipe size are available to meet the dimensional difference of your specific suppression system. Stroke requirements and pin stick out can also be customized for our electrical actuators. In addition, an optional manual actuation assembly is available.

For over 19 years, TLX Technologies has worked with system manufacturers to develop and manufacture custom actuators and valves to meet the challenging demands of active fire suppression systems. Choosing a TLX actuating device for your fire-suppression system ensures a faster, more durable, reusable solution—expertly tailored to your exact needs. Our fire suppression actuators are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE.

This article was originally published by International Fire Protection in March 2019