Standard Electric Actuator for Fire Suppression Systems

November 29, 2019
Standard Electric Actuator Thumbnail
Designed with a piercing pin for burst disk applications

TLX Technologies’ most recent electric actuator design for fire suppression is the non-supervised Standard Electric Actuator. This non-latching actuator is US-engineered and can be produced locally in the USA and China. The actuator is designed with a built-in manual override, external threads for a direct connection, and a piercing pin for a burst disk application. It also includes a safety pin to hold the piercing pin in place during pre-installation shipment. If desired, the size of the external threads and the length of the pin can be customized for your specific application. This component is durable and able to be reset for future use.

TLX Technologies has designed several kinds of electric actuators that pair with our pneumatic actuators, providing a full system actuation solution for fire suppression systems. These electric actuators are optimized for high-pressure and high-speed environments and can be reset and reused. Their configuration can also be customized for different systems.

This article was originally published by Asia Pacific Fire in October 2019